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New address and Musical

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-10-10 22:31:55

Yes, tomorrow is the great day for the musical premiere. For me, for some of you it's already the 11th. But before the pics, Akicha's video producer have moved to a new address.

Ms. Aki Takajo, VAZ co. Ltd

4F, Daiwa Aoyama Bldg 3-1-30 Jingumae

Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150-001


It's quite near Watanabe's office. I wonder what she's thinking of that. smiley Or Watanabe.

Now to the pics, first from Tiary TV.

Akicha also have had two Live Line sessions. I couldn't watch them, maybe only in Japan. And a selfie.

On Sunday 8th Akicha and Mariyagi had a DJ gig on DiaTokyo.

And it's only one day left.

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