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GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-09-06 22:38:11

Time for update. Starting with a bath pic of Lu-chan.

Then we have pic from a meeting with Mocchi.

Akicha also had a meeting with Harugon.

Eating together with Lu-chan.

But the biggest news is that the rehearsal for the musical has started. The name of the musical is LA LA LA LA LAND or ら・ら・ら・ららんど I hope they don't will get trouble with copyrights. Akicha seems to mostly have individual lessons while the others practice together, but also all together like in the last pic. Unfortunately she's hiding behind a paper but she sits to the left.

And Akicha's horror movie seems to be out now but I don't have read any reviews. But how in the world can a kind girl like Akicha ever scare anybody?

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