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Meeting with Mocchi and more.

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-07-24 21:18:33

First we have a happy Akicha when she had got her hair fixed.

A bigger pic with Akicha and the underground girls' football team I talked about earlier.

Akicha and Mocchi met somewhere for a chat. Maybe planning for the next BBQ party? Akicha got a funny reaction when she realised she had the same shirt that Mocchi wore on her last Birth Day. No wonder both French Girls had shirts with french written on it.

After the Hawaii trip Akicha visited a Clinic for recovery. I wonder if it really is necessary?

Lu-chan and one of Akicha's other dogs from a short Instagram video at Nongul.

Akicha take it cool with her dogs in her parents home on a hot day.

Akicha uploaded a Vlog from her Hawaii trip. She can really be sexy.

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