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ぴんすぽ!-Pin supo

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-05-15 21:31:39

Today May 15 was the General rehearsal of Akicha's new drama. The name is ぴんすぽ!-Pin supo. Pin supo means PIN Spot Light's type of stage light. The story is about an underground idol group which is about to disband. The show is produced by Japan Award Promotion-a model/idol management office which is not so well known. And they named the cast girls Dream Princess. Here are posters and some magnifications of Akicha.

Akicha, Nanya and Meimei is the most popular girls in the cast and therefor they are shown on the posters, the rest of the girls is really underground, which means no major exposure, no major management office and so on. I don't know how the rehearsal turned out but we have got a lot of pics of Akicha together with some other girls.

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