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More rehearsal

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-09-19 13:00:14

Time for update. In fact, Akicha is mostly busy with rehearsal for the musical and we see a lot of pics from that and not so much more. But today was different. Yesterday she said good night quite early and today good morning at 5 o'clock. 7 hours later she posted a pic showing big leaves in water. My thought is that she and Tamao have travelled somewhere for shooting pics in a lake with lotus flowers. The future will tell if I'm right.

But now for facts. As you can see on the pic below she and Mariyagi will have a DJ gig at DiA Tokyo next month.

Talking about pics, here is one she said good bye with a night. Big eyes!

And here is one she posted and said a recording session was ready. Probably for Tiary TV.

Talking about Tiary TV, here is one of all pics we have seen lately. They seem to have fun.

But pics from the musical rehearsal is mostly frequent. Here is a couple, I hope you can spot Akicha. The girl to the left on the first pic I think is the other graduated AKB48 member in the musical, Hitomi Komatani, but I'm not quite sure. They are joking a bit.