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IWA with Mayumi and Shibuya 109

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-08-30 11:27:28

Post 2 of 2 this day. Monday 28th Akicha and Mayumi was on Abema TV. It seems to be most about IWA and Mayumi from someone who like the restaurant but Akicha was there too. It started in Mayumi's apartment and ended at IWA. Tbh I don't know if Akicha was inkluded in the first part. She was really elegant.

Later this pic was uploaded on Instagram in some TiaryTV associated account.

And then on Tuesday 29th it was time for Akicha to meet her fans on Shibuya109 and VAZMart selling. It was only an Autograph session and no pics was allowed to be taken. I feel that strange but this is Japan.

But today she have a day off and said on her blog she don't wear any makeup. Tbh, I don't see any big difference. smiley