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Shibuya 109

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-08-03 12:57:18

Akicha is continuing to make ads for different things.

And drinks when it's hot outside.

And a pair of more pics from the football(soccer) video. Here is a link to the video if someone have missed it.

And a pic from Tiary TV.

Then we have the big news. Akicha's video production team VAZ Mart is opening a temporary shop at Shibuya 109 for selling Akicha merchandises among the other involved artists. Akicha will be there on August 29. I hope you remember AKB48 song 109 Marukyuu from stage A6?

And yesterday Akicha, Rafael and another girl had a live broadcasting show. It was mostly for promoting smart phone games. I couldn't watch, it didn't work properly for me. Incessant short cuts with some secs interval. But it's possible to watch it later.