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GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-07-13 13:28:52

Akicha is travelling, but first some pics from latest TiaryTV.

And she wanted to extend her forelock.

Akicha retweeted this. Underground idol group-Kamen Josi=Masked Girls and Akicha taped the promo video for soccer game Winning Eleven. The Kamen girls played soccer, Akicha was the manager of the team. The video will be uploaded on Akicha's Youtube.

Then we suddenly got an Aloha from Akicha on Hawaii. She seems to like Hawaii.

But yesterday we got some real news, Akicha will be in a new theater performance in November called BAMBI SHOW. A Sketch show, at least a couple other actors are rather famous & the theater is in the center of Tokyo. It's in Shibuya, the capacity is 250, x1.5 bigger than the last one. Akicha is moving upwards. She haven't wrote any comments yet by herself, she might still have a good life on Hawaii.