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GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-06-19 21:15:32

Today we got more info about the Musical Akicha will participate in. If Google is right we have these names: Tomoaki Nakatani 中谷智昭, Akicha 高城亜樹, Yusuke Ueda 上田悠介,Kimunamuho キムナムホ, Hitomi Komatani 駒谷仁美, Maria Koyama 小山まりあ, Sho Haruyama 春山翔 and Hikari Kamata 鎌田ひかり. Hitomi is interesting, she's a former AKB48 (1st gen) and SDN48 member.

Akicha has as usual posted a lot of selfies and other pics the last week. Here we have some of them. The first with another DJ, DJDRAGON who she'll meet on the 24th this month. Then visiting a new hair saloon.