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TiaryTV and DJ gig.

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-06-13 21:47:30

First, Yahoo Japan had a note about that Akicha have become a YouTuber.

Then a last pic from Pinsupo stage drama with all the actors and staff in the Theater. Quite a lot of girls. The pic was uploaded on Twitter after I've made the earlier post.

Then some pics from TiaryTV, it looks like Akicha is liking her job there. If I understand it right she talked about dog clothes but she's not holding Lu-chan. I wonder if Akicha's own brand is still working? Must check.

Akicha and Mariyagi had a DJ gig in Osaka and here are some pics from that event.

And at last, Akicha will have another DJ gig on June 24. She's busy.