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GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-06-11 22:00:46

Now the Pinsupo Theater Drama is finished, 7 performances in 4 days. It seems to have worked out well. Akicha was satisfied and so was all the fans who have been there. I couldn't go, it's too far away. But I've been promised to get some pics and the CD with soundtracks, a fan should fix that for me. I hope there will be a stage DVD too later.

There was a couple of former AKB members at the theater, Akicha, Naanya and Meimei was acting. There was an after stage talk show some days and on June 9 Aerin and Hikari was there as Akicha's guests. On the 10th Ryochan, only 2 days after her graduation. But also present AKB members came to see the drama, for example Megutan.

There have been a lot of pics on Twitter with Akicha and also the other girls who was playing, I can only show a part of them. But first a pic from TiaryTV from Friday, Akicha's normal live is continuing. Tomorrow/today, the 12th, she and Mariyagi will have a DJ gig i Osaka.

Then the flowers I and other fans sent to the theater. One stand from the old and female fans and one from the international fans.

There was as said earlier pics for sale, here are some of them showing Akicha.

And other pics from the theater.