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Abema TV and TiARY TV

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-04-11 21:21:24

Akicha is still active and I've had a lot to do so I'm a bit late. Now Akicha has been on web TV twice. First on Abema TV on Thursday 6th. Unfortunately I don't know what the program was about but she was not there alone. Two pics and a link. The program is nearly 2 hours.

Edit: Just after I post this I recognized that Akicha have more than 60.000 followers on YouTube.

Then on Friday 7th she was on TiARY TV where she should stay for a while. Three pics and a link. This program was only half an hour long.

Then I have three more pics she have uploaded on Twitter.

And at last two more pics after she had dyed her hair. The last pic together with Lu-chan is very good.