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GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-03-20 19:44:30

Akicha is very active just now. First she went to a beauty salon again.

After that she was very proud to tell us she have started a YouTube channel.

So far there are uploaded a couple of videos where she talk about different food, eating donuts for example. Here are a pic from the first video.

I'm a bit wondering about the videos, I wonder who really are producing them? They seems to be quite professional jobs and someone must have hold the camera. Interesting that she seems to have hired someone to do so. And also for uploading them, at the same time the videos was uploaded she was on a family trip.

The family trip took her to Mother farm in Chiba where she got very fascinated of the sheep.

She also uploaded a video on Twitter.

She also told us she's planning to release a solo Photo book together with her friend Tamao. She asked her fans to contribute and more info will come on April 1st.

But she also have time for some jokes.