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Photo Book and YT

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-04-05 19:33:10

Akicha is very active now so it's a bit hard to follow her. We have now got the premisses for buying her Photo Book. Fans can order different offers, from only the book up to have a dinner with Akicha and the photographer Tamao. She need to have orders for 3.5 mn Yen for finish the project, so far she have a bit more than 1 mn. We'll see how it goes.

Akicha seems to have ambitions to be a YouTuber. Now she have uploaded 13 videos with different subjects, including an April Fool Joke. She talks or have guests. Some guests who is more popular than she is. But let's se for the future, she has already 53k followers. The number of followers on Twitter is also increasing. I wonder where it ends?

She also upload a lot of pics on Twitter and Instagram. Here is a couple from the last week. The first is together with the photographer Tamao.


GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-03-28 13:41:08

First the news that Akicha will be a regular commentator of a short late night Kanagawa local TV show about fashion and make up. Starts in April. Present website, but it will change:

And now to the MC job. Akicha was MC on an indie show with young idols singing old hits from the 80:s. Akicha also sung some songs. Small show, 2 performancs in a 200 seat venue. Hera are pics from the venue and the girls.

Herbie Hiroshima

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-03-27 17:03:12

Friday 24th Akicha and Mariyagi had a DJ gig on Herbie Night Club in Hiroshima. Nothing more to say, they were good as usual. Here some pics.

And afterward they had to eat Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki. And Akicha also took a pic on the beach near Miyajima Shrine, famous sight seeing spot.


GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-03-23 19:02:33

Akicha have made ads for this but so far it is a bit unclear. Mel TV is an online magazine for young girls, it's mainly about fashion and make up. Its goal is to publish the paper magazine. Akicha seems to be involved in some kind but she has not been seen in the videos yet. Here is one of these.

Akicha made a tweet about this a week ago but I have waited to see if we will get more info but unfortunately not. But today we got a pic with Akicha and one of the other girls in the project. I hope we will get more info in the future. But it seems to be similar production for both MelTV and Akicha's videos, maybe the same team.

YouTube channel and more.

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-03-20 19:44:30

Akicha is very active just now. First she went to a beauty salon again.

After that she was very proud to tell us she have started a YouTube channel.

So far there are uploaded a couple of videos where she talk about different food, eating donuts for example. Here are a pic from the first video.

I'm a bit wondering about the videos, I wonder who really are producing them? They seems to be quite professional jobs and someone must have hold the camera. Interesting that she seems to have hired someone to do so. And also for uploading them, at the same time the videos was uploaded she was on a family trip.

The family trip took her to Mother farm in Chiba where she got very fascinated of the sheep.

She also uploaded a video on Twitter.

She also told us she's planning to release a solo Photo book together with her friend Tamao. She asked her fans to contribute and more info will come on April 1st.

But she also have time for some jokes.

More shooting?

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-03-13 22:04:09

Akicha is continuing to tweet things which are not clear. But was what clear was that she visited Universal Studio Japan in Osaka. I thought it could mean something but it just seems to be another theme park like Disneyland. But she had fun with Minion goggles.

Then she went to a hair stylist for cutting and dyeing her hair. And had fun with a hat.

The hair stylist said he was a member of the same high school tennis team as Akicha. It also seems like the camera woman-Tamao-is working closely with the guy. Maybe therefore we also got the following pics.

Unfortunately Akicha is suffering from her hay fever. Not fun.

11 mars


GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-03-06 21:41:22

5 days ago Akicha posted a pic and a short video on her Instagram and talked about some shooting. Nothing more. She isn't the most clear speaker but here are some pics.

Some days later she told us she had cleaned the house and looked tired but later she showed us a package with some capsules.

And today she posted a pic and said she liked jeans with fringes. But notice she's wearing the same shirt as on the shooting day.

Last(?) pics from the Theater

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-03-01 21:45:42

Time to move on but here are the latest pics I've found on Twitter regarding the Theater. First 3 pics from the performance and of the actors and staff.

Akicha is faking she's being caught while eating snacks.

Akicha and the other actors in their T-shirts and jackets. Akicha said it was her design. Not for sale.

Akicha joking. She and the other actors seemed to have fun.

Rie and Komari was visiting the theater one day.

Pics from the Theater

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-02-24 22:21:21

Some pics I've found on Twitter including from Akicha. Mostly showing Akicha and the other actors. The glove shaped cake comes of the drama is about a famous boxer.

The Theater say they will release a DVD from the drama. Unfortunately not with english subs.

And the last one show Akicha taking a lunch break today between two performances. She looks better for each day.


GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-02-24 21:55:15

Yes, the stage drama where Akicha is a part of have started. So far it seems to go well, all the fans who have been there are satisfied. I just put up some pics here now and I start with the flower greetings. Mine first. I was wondering if it would arrive and in time, and it was a bit delayed and came during the stage but other fans took care of it.

Theater practice over.

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-02-19 21:43:14

It seems that the Theater practice has ended now and we got this pic from all the actors and staff. Quite a lot of people. Now we all are waiting for the premiere. All the tickets are sold out.

Take a look at Akicha's feets. These slippers was a gift for her from fans for her Kasane Theater drama. Either she likes them or it's a hint and thanks to us fans. Or both.

I've also found some more pics from Abema TV.

BirthDay greeting and new job

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-02-19 21:26:24

One of Akicha's friends, a photographer and an ex model, called Tamao posted a couple of pics from when they were and celebrated another friend who had her BD. Her name seems to be Saya. Akicha has a lot of friends.

Akicha posted this pic and said the tickets was released for her "Session Live" MC work on March 23. She don't look happy but I'm sure it will be a good event.

And we also have got the news that she and Mariyagi will have a DJ gig on April 22 in Takamatsu.

Abema TV

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-02-16 21:47:29

I had got wrong number of actors who would be with Akicha on Abema TV, they were six all together. I couldn't watch because Abema don't send outside Japan, but as I've heard Akicha was good as usual. Here are some pics from the event I've found on Twitter.

New job.

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-02-12 21:31:21

Last Saturday Akicha told us she have got a new job. On March 26 she will be MC on stage in a "Session Live"-underground Idol event. It's UG idols sing 昭和-SHOWA idol songs. SHOWA is the name of Emperor Hirohito era which ended 30 years ago. She will also sing a bit by herself. It will take place in Shibuya Shidax hall, a small venue with only 160 seats close to Nongul cafe. It's two sessions, 13:00 and 17:00.

She will also be on Abema TV online showbiz news 2/15 17:00 to 18:00 with a co-actor of the stage drama.

Even more Theater stuff

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-02-10 21:11:22

Akicha and the other actors is continuing to tweet pics from the repetitions, I just show some samples. But we see other pics too. She's been at a beauty saloon again and darkened her hair and she also tweeted a pic together with Lu-chan. She also training how to do her own makeup. But most it's from the Theater, they seems to have fun.

More Theater

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-02-03 21:24:55

Now it's only Theater practising for Akicha. Saturday a week ago she told us lessons were over but practising is continuing. But she showed us new? glasses. It seems to be a dark comedy but it looks strange on the pics. Maybe they are just kidding? One day Akicha's mother had made rice cookies for the whole troupe. 2 weeks now until shonichi.

Mostly Theater practising.

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-01-26 22:13:42

The Theater group are continuing with their training but there also seems to time for some fun. Here are some pics from different people. But first some words of her DJ work at Club Asia on the 21th. Some fans were there but none have written anything about it. The first excitement may have disappeared, but as nothing bad is written it's ok. She seems to be ok, not as good as a pro DJ but not bad. It may take some time to get more into the job?

But she also have time for clinic visiting, not the first time she was here.

She also posted this pic which seems to be a former model friend, now a photographer. I don't got her name.


GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-01-20 20:11:50

I'm sorry but I have to correct myself, the name of Akicha's Theater drama is 自慢の男 or Boast of a man/Boast of man. Back Door is the Theater company. I was fooled by Google translate. Shit happen.

We have got a short video of Akicha during practising which got me wondering of what kind of drama it is?

But we have also got a pic of Akicha together with Rie taking a lava bath.

Back door.

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-01-17 14:45:27

Now it looks like everything for Akicha is about her Theater Drama, Back Door. I understand her. smiley Yesterday on Monday the ticket selling began, and also repetation and practice. Here she is together with staff and other actors. The last pic together with Hikaru Horiguchi.

More Kitsune pic

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-01-11 20:25:07

We have got some more pics from yesterday. But what the girls are doing together with the mascot from G2 Osaka, another night club, I don't know.

And also a pic with Akicha and her older sister Jui on her birthday.

Kitsune Kyoto

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-01-09 21:02:17

There's not so much to say about the DJ job Akicha and Mariyagi had in Kitsune Club in Kyoto. They seemed to like it and the audience too. Kitsune means fox, if you don't knew it before. Here are some pics.

Links to three tweets with short videos.

Stage drama

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-01-09 20:14:08

Time for updates, I've have had quite a lot to do recently but here I am. Yes, Akicha will have a role in a stage drama, but first some normal pics. She posted a pic of her favorite hair product, second time. But we also got a pic of a sleeping Fu-chan, it wasn't yesterday we saw that.

And now to the stage drama. It isn't a big role, it's a small indie teater with not so well known actors, in fact Akicha seems to be the most famous, but it's the first role since graduation. 10 performances in February.


GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2017-01-01 17:09:56

Akicha started the new year by tweeting a pic from when she and her family visited a Jinja, a shinto shrine, like most japaneses are doing at the first day of the new year.

During the night she also tweeted a pic from the night's New Year celebration.

New year celebration

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-31 13:06:58

Last day of 2016 and a new year is waiting. It's been an unusual year for Akicha fans. First the graduation, and then nothing happen. She also left Watanabe for reasons we don't know. Then come the Cafe plans but we haven't seen so much about that. NONgUL or not NONgUL, that is the question? Then the news about she and Mariyagi and their DJ jobs, but so far only one appearance? Many questions but few answers.

But a few days ago, on Christmas eve, come the news that she and Mariyagi will be DJs at Kitsune Kyoto Club 2017.1.9. Fine.

She have also told us she will celabarate the New year with her family at her grandparents. Here thay are steaming rice for Moichi-rice cake. Traditional food for Year end/New year celebration.

And today we got a greeting from Akicha and she thanked us for this year and also for the next year. Thank you too Akicha and also a Happy New Year to all you who are visiting my blog.

Akicha tweeted a food pic.

Celebrating Ucchi

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-27 17:02:44

Uchida Mayumi had her 23rd Birthday on december 27th and Akicha and Rie celebrated her.

This pic is not from this Christmas but it's fine so I post it again.

I have also posted my pics from Last Kiss Concert and Zutto Mae Kara.

Christmas at hospital

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-24 13:41:52

Some days before Christmas we got this pic from Akicha.

She doesn't looked too happy and I wondered why before Christmas. Today on Christmas Eve we got the explanation, she is hospitalized after having tonsillectomy operation. She have had a lot of fever periods because of her infected tonsils during the years. Hopefully she will feel better now after this. She will spend Christmas at the hospital. My own thoughts is that maybe her voice would be better now, she have sounded hoarse sometimes.

Get well soon Akicha and Merry Christmas.

Edit: Now she posted this pic from the hospital. She seems to be in good mood. smiley

She also uploaded a short video on her Instagram, for those who have an account there. or you can watch it on Twitter:

Edit: She left the hospital on december the 26th.

New DJ job

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-21 19:14:41

There is a lot of questions around Akicha's DJ job and also around Mariyagi. So far they only have been working for one night, december 3rd. Nothing more scheduled in december. But now we've got information that Akicha will work in another night club, Club asia, on january 21st. Very curious.

Akicha posted this nice pic with hashtags #golf and #fuji. Fuji is ok but is she playing golf? No one knows. And also a new ad for some hair care product.

Back? to Japan.

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-18 20:30:18

Nope, Akicha wasn't at Harugon's graduation. In fact she was back in Japan at that time, IF she visited Indonesia at all. She is not good at information. She posed with a Fanta lemon and also posted a pic from Nongul with Lu-chan.

She also visited Komari's BD.

We also saw ads for a supplement diet but I wonder if it's necessary to eat or drink such things?

The last she did on Sunday seems to be watching a soccer play between Real Madrid and Kashima. Unfortunately Real Madrid won with 4-2. She was really excited and tweeted 7 times. smiley


GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-14 10:33:27
There's not so much to write about, Akicha is very quiet on Twitter. Some hints tell a possibility that she's been in Jakarta since shortly after the DJ job at the 3rd. Neither she nor Mariyagi has been on the schedule since then. The chat between Akicha and Harugon on the 6th is a bit curious, Akicha tweeted and Harugon answer within the same minute. Maybe the sat together and had some fun with their followers? Then Akicha posted a pic of some Indonesian food. Akicha might be in Jakarta for practicing together with Harugon and JKT. Harugon is graduating now on Saturday the 17th and Akicha might show up? We'll see.

More Diatokyo

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-11 18:32:30

Akicha have had another quiet period on Twitter, we've only got something about a Pokemon game. But it was good to see her tweeting with Harugon. No pics from her but two from other sources. Both she and Mariyagi seems to have fun as DJs. So far they have been working on Saturdays.

DJ premiere

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-04 18:48:09

The first day/night of the new DJs has passed. I've not seen any reviews of their job, neither good nor bad, so I say nothing bad must be good. A bunch of pics has been showed on Twitter and here are some of them. This is very far from AKB48. smiley

I had a link to a Twitter post earlier but it's removed now.

More Ginkgo

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-02 18:59:15

We've seen more pics from the autumn Ginkgo leaf drop. The place is Icho Namiki (Ginkgo Avenue) in Meiji Jingu Gaien Park. Very beautiful and the trees is fantastic. Here in Sweden it's very seldom they grow over 10 meters hight and they often freeze down a bit. We also now know that the 3rd person was Mayumi and here are some more pics.

Ginkgo and Hawaii

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-12-01 19:21:47

Today on the 1st of December we got these pics from an avenue with Ginkgo biloba dropping their leaves. Rie, Akicha and another girl together with Lu-chan.

And suddenly we got this "new" pic from Hawaii and Waikiki Beach. From somone who calls herself tamaomaru, I don't know who she is. The title is Friends.

I have also uploaded my pics from Kakkowarui I love you which I've posted on Twitter.

NONgUL and Rie

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-11-30 17:53:26

There was not so many tweets about NONgUL and Akicha's presence there on Sunday but those who was there were satisfied. No pics showing Akicha but some others but tbh, I don't know if they all were taken on Sunday.

Nothing from Akicha but later in the evening she was very happy that her favorite snack food JAGARIKO got No. 1 in rank in a TV show. It's made of potato and spices and a fan made this for Akicha.

Then she was silence until today when she was out eating together with Rie. Rie shot a short video with Akicha and here are some snapshots.

A link where you can see the short video.

And here we have the camera girl.

And then they went to COSTCO for some shopping.

NONgUL, and Lu-chan

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-11-25 19:05:12

Today we got information that she will be at NONgUL on Sunday the 27th. And another pic of Lu-chan. We can also see she have her calendar on the wall. Fine, but who took the pic?

Korea travel

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-11-24 17:06:24

After a week of silence Akicha at last tweeted. As usual when she's been quiet she has been on a travel, this time to Korea. She posted some pictures from a wall painting. She seem to have had fun.


GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-11-17 16:22:52

Today a minor bomb exploded in the fandom, Akicha and Mariyagi would be 2 out of 5 resident DJs in a new Night Club in Tokyo. No warning, it just happened. But it sounds very good and the Club is located in Roppogi which it's the most glamorous area in Tokyo. Let's hope for the best. Maybe it's therefor Akicha visited her school mate DJ Am0?

New pics added.

Hair and Mayumi

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-11-16 17:49:22

Today we got a pic from Akicha showing new hair color and then also another one from Mayumi.

NONgUL and other things

GeneralPosted by Gotbild 2016-11-14 17:34:47

According to her tweets Akicha should visit NONgUL today, and she did. But only for a short period so I wonder a bit what's that for? I don't really understand her. But as the note belonging to one of my former female work mates said: Women should be loved, not understood.

So instead I post a link from her friend Asako's instagram. Even she can use snow program. Seems to be from Hawaii.

And also a pic from Mocchi, if I understand right it's from Last Kiss concert.

And at last a link to my place for Akicha pics:

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