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Blog ends.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-11-02 17:48:02

Because of all trouble with links to pics here on the blog, probably caused by the blog tool, I go back to Akicha's thread on I haven't really left that thread during this period. See you there.

Bijou, TiaryTV and Bambi ShowGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-10-31 21:08:56

It's been a little time since last update because I got trouble with uploading of pics. After the last update of IE11 I couldn't put up links to bigger pics. Chome worked even worse. The solution was to use a five years old PC with WinXP and IE8. smiley

First I have a few pics from Bijou Club and the DJ gig.


Blog imagepic2

Blog image


Blog image

Then a couple of pics from TiaryTV. I really loves when Akicha is laughing, it suits her.


Blog image


Blog imagepic6

Blog imagepic7

Blog image

But we see very little from Akicha on Twitter, she's busy with rehearsal for BAMBI SHOW. Less then 3 weeks left now. She also often get together with the other actors afterwards like on these pics.


Blog image


Blog image


Blog image

La la la laland. Musical. 2/2General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-10-18 21:02:16

Part 2 with pics from Akicha and other actors.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageA pic from latest TiaryTV.

Blog imageAkicha and Mariyagi are having a DJ gig in Furuoka on Friday.

Blog image

La la la laland. Musical. 1/2General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-10-18 10:43:41

I'm a bit late with this but I've been busy. Because of lots of pics I must make two posts. Now the last performance of the Musical is over and it seems to have turned out good. The audience have laughed a lot and was pleased. Everybody was satisfied over Akicha's play and singing, but they were fans. smiley I wait until I've got the DVD for my opinion. smiley But I really wonder about the economy. A lot of people involved, 24?, a lot of rehearsal and then only 8 performances? Strange. Maybe the DVD will sell good. Now for the pics of flower stands. First the one I've contributed in. You can see the flag.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog image

Rie visited the first performance.

Blog image

The venue.

Blog imageAnd now pics that fans who was there have uploaded.

Blog image Blog imageBlog imageBlog image

New address and MusicalGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-10-10 22:31:55

Yes, tomorrow is the great day for the musical premiere. For me, for some of you it's already the 11th. But before the pics, Akicha's video producer have moved to a new address.

Ms. Aki Takajo, VAZ co. Ltd

4F, Daiwa Aoyama Bldg 3-1-30 Jingumae

Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150-001


It's quite near Watanabe's office. I wonder what she's thinking of that. smiley Or Watanabe.

Now to the pics, first from Tiary TV.

Blog imageBlog imageAkicha also have had two Live Line sessions. I couldn't watch them, maybe only in Japan. And a selfie.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image
On Sunday 8th Akicha and Mariyagi had a DJ gig on DiaTokyo.

Blog imageBlog imageAnd it's only one day left.

Blog imageBlog image


Posted by Gotbild 2017-10-05 22:05:34

Yes, Akicha is now 26 years old. It seems that she had a quiet birthday, no big party. Maybe because she's busy with the rehearsal? She only got few congratulations on Twitter, Rie of course and some more. I think the same reason. But she got this plain and simple "cake" from someone.

Blog imageBut when she went to the rehearsal she got a more normal cake from the other actors. She liked it.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageAnd another pic from the rehearsal. Only a week left now.

Blog image

My Akicha lamps.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-10-02 12:55:57

Last update before Akicha turns 26.

I'm glad to show you my handpainted Edo style traditional Chochin with Akicha name I've ordered from a Tokyo shop. They are now delivered and will soon fly to me in Sweden.

Blog imageI've also ordered 5 of these more normal "matsuri" lamps.

Blog imageAs usual some pics from Tiary TV.

Blog imageBlog imageDuring the weekend Akicha disappeared from Twitter and we thought she had travelled somewhere and that was right. This pic comes from Tamao. Another photo trip maybe.

Blog imageAnd the rehearsal continues. I've noticed that Akicha don't carry the manuscript any longer. Maybe she has learned it now? The last pic comes from today, Akicha doing push-ups. Strange musical?

Blog imageBlog image

Address and moreGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-09-28 22:09:04

Akicha isn't doing so much except for rehearsal so I don't have so much to write. But here is her address if you want to send a fan mail or Birthday greeting next week. Only mail, no gifts or presents.

Ms. Aki Takajo, VAZ co. Ltd

3F, Tail Wind Aoyama Bldg 3-6-4 Shibuya

Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150-0002


And now for some pics. First from one of her Youtube videos, she's tricking with a Nivea can.

Blog imageAnd some Tiary TV.

Blog imageBlog imageMusical rehearsal.

Blog imageBlog image

Bowling with some other musical artists.

Blog image

More rehearsalGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-09-19 13:00:14

Time for update. In fact, Akicha is mostly busy with rehearsal for the musical and we see a lot of pics from that and not so much more. But today was different. Yesterday she said good night quite early and today good morning at 5 o'clock. 7 hours later she posted a pic showing big leaves in water. My thought is that she and Tamao have travelled somewhere for shooting pics in a lake with lotus flowers. The future will tell if I'm right.

But now for facts. As you can see on the pic below she and Mariyagi will have a DJ gig at DiA Tokyo next month.

Blog imageTalking about pics, here is one she said good bye with a night. Big eyes!

Blog imageAnd here is one she posted and said a recording session was ready. Probably for Tiary TV.

Blog imageTalking about Tiary TV, here is one of all pics we have seen lately. They seem to have fun.

Blog imageBut pics from the musical rehearsal is mostly frequent. Here is a couple, I hope you can spot Akicha. The girl to the left on the first pic I think is the other graduated AKB48 member in the musical, Hitomi Komatani, but I'm not quite sure. They are joking a bit.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image


Posted by Gotbild 2017-09-06 22:38:11

Time for update. Starting with a bath pic of Lu-chan.

Blog imageThen we have pic from a meeting with Mocchi.

Blog imageAkicha also had a meeting with Harugon.

Blog imageEating together with Lu-chan.

Blog imageBut the biggest news is that the rehearsal for the musical has started. The name of the musical is LA LA LA LA LAND or ら・ら・ら・ららんど I hope they don't will get trouble with copyrights. Akicha seems to mostly have individual lessons while the others practice together, but also all together like in the last pic. Unfortunately she's hiding behind a paper but she sits to the left.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageAnd Akicha's horror movie seems to be out now but I don't have read any reviews. But how in the world can a kind girl like Akicha ever scare anybody?

Blog image

IWA with Mayumi and Shibuya 109General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-08-30 11:27:28

Post 2 of 2 this day. Monday 28th Akicha and Mayumi was on Abema TV. It seems to be most about IWA and Mayumi from someone who like the restaurant but Akicha was there too. It started in Mayumi's apartment and ended at IWA. Tbh I don't know if Akicha was inkluded in the first part. She was really elegant.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageLater this pic was uploaded on Instagram in some TiaryTV associated account.

Blog imageAnd then on Tuesday 29th it was time for Akicha to meet her fans on Shibuya109 and VAZMart selling. It was only an Autograph session and no pics was allowed to be taken. I feel that strange but this is Japan.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBut today she have a day off and said on her blog she don't wear any makeup. Tbh, I don't see any big difference. smiley

Blog image

Dia Tokyo and moreGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-08-30 10:59:29

Akicha have had a busy weekend and the days before and after, so I have to make 2 posts again. The week after Tokyo Street Collection she took it calm, just a few selfies.

Blog imageBlog imageBut on Friday 25th she had a lot to do. First a new Pococha session.

Blog imageBlog imageAnd of course Tiary TV, even if this is recorded earlier.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageAnd in the night she and Mariyagi had a End of Summer DJ gig on DiaTokyo.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog image

Tokyo Street CollectionGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-08-21 21:47:36

Post #2 for today. Saturday the 19th. The big day when first Akicha and some former 48G girls as well as others was in Tokyo Street Collection fashion show. It seems to have gone well and Akicha was satisfied afterwards. After that she was in Girls Talk Collection, a Youtube streaming show. Two sessions, Akicha with one other girl in each. They can be seen at Akicha's Youtube channel, here's the first:

And now for some pics, first from the fashion show.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageAnd then from Girls Talk.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image


Posted by Gotbild 2017-08-21 21:26:37

Akicha seems to be everywhere now, I have to make two posts today. On the 16th she was on AbemaTV as I wrote earlier. On the 18th she was first on TiaryTV, recorded earlier, and after that she could be seen live in an iTune App and fans could send her messages. It was called Pokocha. I hope it is right, my translator is absent for the moment so everything is more difficult. Here are some pics.

First TiaryTV.

Blog imageThen some pics from Pokocha I've picked from Twitter.

Blog imageBlog imageAt the same time some other pics was uploaded on Twitter. It's from her selling at 109 but I don't know if she showed them this time.

Blog imageBlog image


Posted by Gotbild 2017-08-17 17:37:23

Akicha have had a new session in AbemaTV, but first she went to a Beauty saloon.

Blog imageThen it was time for another session on AbemaTV with two other YouTubers, Raphael and Reika Oozeki. What they were talking about I don't know but they used a virtual reality headset among other things. You can watch it here: The studio they used had a public window so people outside could watch, and take photographs. And they did, here are some pics from the performance.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

YouTube event and Kyoto.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-08-14 15:08:24

First a pic from TiaryTV.

Blog imageAkicha seems to be everywhere. Last Saturday, the 12th, she was at an event that her Youtuber management office VAZ set up in Club Womb, a major DJ club in Shibuya, for their Youtubers. It was only streamed via an LIVE ME application in smartphones so it was nothing for me. 5 hours. Akicha and a comedian was MC:s. Here is a link to a digest:

Some pic from the event, Akicha eating something and together with some other Youtubers. Then in MC action and the last from the Venue.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageLast week Akicha was in Kyoto together with her family. We have got some pics earlier but she also posted a short video on her Instagram, showing her in Yukata. Here some snapshots from that video.

Blog imageBlog imageToday she, or VAZ, uploaded a Vlog from old town in Kyoto. She is of course really adorable also in her yukata.

Gravur and modelling.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-08-10 21:36:07

An eventful week. First a pic from Akicha with light hair.

Blog imageThen the bomb was dropped, Akicha had 8 pages of pics in FLASH Magazine. Including some gravure pics. The first nude pics she ever have had. Not totally nude of course. I think this is a teaser for her coming Photo Book which will be released in October. Same photographer, her friend Tamao, and same publisher. Here you have a link to all pics and a teaser.

Blog imageThen I show some more normal pics.

Blog imageBlog imageReady for dinner.

Blog imageAnd a pic from one of her Vlogs.

Blog imageAnd today we got the news that Akicha together with 3 more former 48G members will appear as models at Tokyo Street Collection fashion show August 19th. The other members are Mariyagi, Reinyan and Natsumin, and there will of course be more other models.

Blog image

Shibuya 109General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-08-03 12:57:18

Akicha is continuing to make ads for different things.

Blog imageAnd drinks when it's hot outside.

Blog imageAnd a pair of more pics from the football(soccer) video. Here is a link to the video if someone have missed it.

Blog imageBlog imageAnd a pic from Tiary TV.

Blog imageThen we have the big news. Akicha's video production team VAZ Mart is opening a temporary shop at Shibuya 109 for selling Akicha merchandises among the other involved artists. Akicha will be there on August 29. I hope you remember AKB48 song 109 Marukyuu from stage A6?

Blog image

Blog imageAnd yesterday Akicha, Rafael and another girl had a live broadcasting show. It was mostly for promoting smart phone games. I couldn't watch, it didn't work properly for me. Incessant short cuts with some secs interval. But it's possible to watch it later.

Blog image


Posted by Gotbild 2017-07-24 21:45:00

Last Friday Akicha and a couple of other 48G girls had a BBQ party. They were Akicha, Mocchi, Shiichan, Mariyagi, Rie, Myao, Abemaru, Miorin and Chori. Here are a bunch of pics from different girls' Twitter accounts.

Blog image

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Meeting with Mocchi and more.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-07-24 21:18:33

First we have a happy Akicha when she had got her hair fixed.

Blog imageA bigger pic with Akicha and the underground girls' football team I talked about earlier.

Blog imageAkicha and Mocchi met somewhere for a chat. Maybe planning for the next BBQ party? Akicha got a funny reaction when she realised she had the same shirt that Mocchi wore on her last Birth Day. No wonder both French Girls had shirts with french written on it.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageAfter the Hawaii trip Akicha visited a Clinic for recovery. I wonder if it really is necessary?

Blog imageLu-chan and one of Akicha's other dogs from a short Instagram video at Nongul.

Blog image

Akicha take it cool with her dogs in her parents home on a hot day.

Blog imageAkicha uploaded a Vlog from her Hawaii trip. She can really be sexy.

Blog imageBlog image

More shows.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-07-13 13:28:52

Akicha is travelling, but first some pics from latest TiaryTV.

Blog imageBlog imageAnd she wanted to extend her forelock.

Blog imageAkicha retweeted this. Underground idol group-Kamen Josi=Masked Girls and Akicha taped the promo video for soccer game Winning Eleven. The Kamen girls played soccer, Akicha was the manager of the team. The video will be uploaded on Akicha's Youtube.

Blog imageThen we suddenly got an Aloha from Akicha on Hawaii. She seems to like Hawaii.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBut yesterday we got some real news, Akicha will be in a new theater performance in November called BAMBI SHOW. A Sketch show, at least a couple other actors are rather famous & the theater is in the center of Tokyo. It's in Shibuya, the capacity is 250, x1.5 bigger than the last one. Akicha is moving upwards. She haven't wrote any comments yet by herself, she might still have a good life on Hawaii.

Blog imageBlog image

Life is easy.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-07-06 14:21:21

Akicha takes it easy but sometimes she's absent from Twitter. Today she told us that she's planning this year end and next year, she's a bit too early maybe.

We have got some pics, for example having breakfast with Lu-chan.

Blog imageShe noticed it was July and half the year have gone.

Blog imageEating some kind of ice cream. But where is the mark below her eye? I hope it's only makeup.

Blog imageAnd finally eating at a cafe.

Blog image

Ad video and horror video.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-06-29 17:11:26

First she took it easy for some days and then we got news. She had her DJ gig on the 24th but I didn't see any comments from that.

But yesterday she suddenly was acting in a commercial video for NEXTSTAGETOKYO, a big job hunting session by a recruiting service company. It's not one of the top ranked service providers but at least much more major business than her theater works. Sounds good. Here is a link to that video.

And today we got the news that she will be a star in a horror movie. Not a bigh one, it's the same production/director/writer that did the same kind of horror movie with Mariyagi. Only on DVD.

And here we have a bunch of pics as usual. First from TiaryTV.

Blog image

Blog imageSome other pic, I've forgot what the stick was about. smiley

Blog imageSome pics from A TiaryTV recording, with shiced ice.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageJust a pic, myabe from Pinsupo.

Blog imageSaying Good Morning.

Blog imageAnother Pinsupo pic.

Blog imageAnd from the Commercial video.

Blog image

Musical cast and more.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-06-19 21:15:32

Today we got more info about the Musical Akicha will participate in. If Google is right we have these names: Tomoaki Nakatani 中谷智昭, Akicha 高城亜樹, Yusuke Ueda 上田悠介,Kimunamuho キムナムホ, Hitomi Komatani 駒谷仁美, Maria Koyama 小山まりあ, Sho Haruyama 春山翔 and Hikari Kamata 鎌田ひかり. Hitomi is interesting, she's a former AKB48 (1st gen) and SDN48 member.

Blog imageAkicha has as usual posted a lot of selfies and other pics the last week. Here we have some of them. The first with another DJ, DJDRAGON who she'll meet on the 24th this month. Then visiting a new hair saloon.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

TiaryTV and DJ gig.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-06-13 21:47:30

First, Yahoo Japan had a note about that Akicha have become a YouTuber.

Then a last pic from Pinsupo stage drama with all the actors and staff in the Theater. Quite a lot of girls. The pic was uploaded on Twitter after I've made the earlier post.

Blog imageThen some pics from TiaryTV, it looks like Akicha is liking her job there. If I understand it right she talked about dog clothes but she's not holding Lu-chan. I wonder if Akicha's own brand is still working? Must check.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageAkicha and Mariyagi had a DJ gig in Osaka and here are some pics from that event.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageAnd at last, Akicha will have another DJ gig on June 24. She's busy.

Blog image


Posted by Gotbild 2017-06-11 22:00:46

Now the Pinsupo Theater Drama is finished, 7 performances in 4 days. It seems to have worked out well. Akicha was satisfied and so was all the fans who have been there. I couldn't go, it's too far away. But I've been promised to get some pics and the CD with soundtracks, a fan should fix that for me. I hope there will be a stage DVD too later.

There was a couple of former AKB members at the theater, Akicha, Naanya and Meimei was acting. There was an after stage talk show some days and on June 9 Aerin and Hikari was there as Akicha's guests. On the 10th Ryochan, only 2 days after her graduation. But also present AKB members came to see the drama, for example Megutan.

There have been a lot of pics on Twitter with Akicha and also the other girls who was playing, I can only show a part of them. But first a pic from TiaryTV from Friday, Akicha's normal live is continuing. Tomorrow/today, the 12th, she and Mariyagi will have a DJ gig i Osaka.

Blog imageThen the flowers I and other fans sent to the theater. One stand from the old and female fans and one from the international fans.

Blog imageBlog imageThere was as said earlier pics for sale, here are some of them showing Akicha.

Blog imageAnd other pics from the theater.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Pinsupo rehearsalGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-06-04 21:24:09

First about The forum is down again now. First it was problem with the Bandwidth, now it seems that the domain's expired. Someone havn't payed the bill? I'm glad I have my own place to write on, even if I don't have so much to write. The rehearsal is continuing, now it's only 4 days left until the premiare. But we get a lot of pics, mostly when they are eating.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Musical role and other stuff.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-05-30 13:24:17

As I said before Akicha and the other staff recorded a new series of TiaryTV shows. We have got some more pics.

Blog imageBlog imageBut last Friday it was still from the old serie.

Blog imageAnd the rehearsal for Pinsupo drama continues. Here she is with some mates.

Blog imageMaybe she had rehearsal yesterday before she had her 3rd Liveme chatt, she looks tired.

Blog imageBlog imageBut the best comes at the end, Akicha will play a theater musical main role in October. It seems to be a comedy by a small independent theater company. "La la la Laland". More info will come later. She's moving on.

Live Chatt and PinsupoGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-05-24 15:00:24

Akicha have had her first Live Chatt och those who could watch it seems to be satisfied. Next chatt is tomorrow.

Blog imageA couple of Akicha's playmates in Pinsupo stage play have also presented themselves togother with Akicha, so now we know there names, or nicknames. I don't know if it was all of them. We already know Naanya and Meimei and here are the others.

Blog image

Umino Haegawa

Blog imageHinano Fitone

Blog imageRina Marucon

Blog imageCHIE Pimms

Blog image

Karen Koizumi.

Blog image吉岡 志峰-hoshi1127

Blog image小西梨花-rikattikoni

Akicha also told us she today should record a couple of TiaryTV shows. Just what a thought some days ago.

Blog imageAnd at last, she and Mariyagi will have a DJ gig on June 12 in Osaka Club Bambi. The day after the last Pinsupo performance. She's a busy girl.

Blog image

Jui, and moreGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-05-22 14:53:45

Latest news from Akicha world. She went to new products showroom of fashion brand HONEYMEHONEY together with Kyoko, one of the other actors in Jiman no otoko. And of course she ordered some clothes.

Blog imageThen we got the first pic of Akicha together with her older sister Jui. Many of Akicha's fans already know Jui but we haven't seen them together before. And it wasn't long time ago we saw Akicha together with her younger sister Mikono. Maybe she feels safe enough to present them now.

Blog imageAnd as every Friday there was a TiaryTV show. They have probably recorded a couple of shows at the same time, Akicha is wearing the same clothes every time.

Blog imageThe same Friday we got a lot of complainings from Akicha. During a rehearsel for the next drama she had dance a lot and got a lot of muscle soreness, she haven't dance since she graduated. But the pic she posted tells us she like to dance.

Blog imageAnd the latest news is that tomorrow she starts a live chat. "Live me". More info on the video if you understand japanese but there are also links.

I can also add that she seems to cook in her Youtube videos.

ぴんすぽ!-Pin supoGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-05-15 21:31:39

Today May 15 was the General rehearsal of Akicha's new drama. The name is ぴんすぽ!-Pin supo. Pin supo means PIN Spot Light's type of stage light. The story is about an underground idol group which is about to disband. The show is produced by Japan Award Promotion-a model/idol management office which is not so well known. And they named the cast girls Dream Princess. Here are posters and some magnifications of Akicha.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Akicha, Nanya and Meimei is the most popular girls in the cast and therefor they are shown on the posters, the rest of the girls is really underground, which means no major exposure, no major management office and so on. I don't know how the rehearsal turned out but we have got a lot of pics of Akicha together with some other girls.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

More food General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-05-15 19:36:03

Again I have to devide all pics from the weekend. First a pic from TiaryTV.

Blog imageAkicha with an octopus snack. I have never eaten octopus, they are very rare here up in the north. Then some other food, she likes to show food pics.

Blog imageBlog imageA flower for her mother on Mother's day and at last a pic from Mayumi.

Blog imageBlog image

Golden WeekGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-05-10 17:24:22

Now it has been Golden Week in Japan and Akicha have spent a lot of time with her family. They seems to have eaten a lot. smiley But first a pic from TiaryTV. Then comes some family pics, and at last we got a pic of her younger sister. More food and then Olive spa. And at last Akicha loving Strawberries.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image


Posted by Gotbild 2017-05-09 09:36:19

As said before Akicha and Mariyagi had a DJ gig at SWAG last Wednesday May 3rd. I'm a bit curious because SWAG is a part of DiATOKYO where they are resident DJs but here they are labeled as guest DJs?smileyNever mind, here are some pics.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image


Posted by Gotbild 2017-05-02 21:47:06

Akicha has started making VLOG, video log. So far only one.

Beside that we've mostly seen selfies, with or without Lu-chan. She was at a cafe together with Lu-chan but not Nongul. It seems that Nongul is closed. And tomorrow she and Mariyagi has a DJ gig. Here are some pics.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Long hair.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-04-28 19:47:24

Time for a new update, it happen things every day. First we got a pic according to a shooting for the Photo Book, this time in Kyoto.

Blog imageThen we got information about a new DJ gig for her and Mariyagi at DiaTokyo next Wednesday.

Blog imageFood and eating Panda chocolate.

Blog imageBlog imageCelebrating a Birth Day. I think it was Mariyagi's but if so it's over a month late. smiley

Blog imageBlog imageTiaryTV.

Blog imageNaanya posted a short video on her Instagram with her and Akicha but first I thought it was an old video because Akicha had long hair. Then posted Akicha a pic with they both and Akicha with long hair? But later Akicha told us on her blog that she uses extensions again. I hope she don't cut it again.

Blog imageBlog image

LINE BLOG and DJ gig.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-04-24 22:33:23

Akicha is still very active, I wonder a bit how she have time to do all these things.

April 18. Blood cleansing together with Rie At Roy:s. I wonder if this is necessary?

Blog imageApril 20. Been to Nongul together with Lu-chan.

Blog imageSame day. Told us she have started a LINE BLOG. Probably she have left Ameba? But why she showes this pic I don't know?

Blog imageApril 21. She told us she have had a shooting for the Photo Book.

Blog imageSame day Tiary TV. But when it was recorded I don't know.

Blog imageApril 22. Told us about her younger sister being 19 years old. She got a Daniel Wellington watch as gift.

Blog imageSame day. DJ gig at Nude Supper Club in Takamatsu. Here's a couple of pics.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Photo Book, Drama ande other stuff.General

Posted by Gotbild 2017-04-18 21:58:33

First, her Photo Book will be made. She needed 3.5 mn Yen and she has got more than 4 mn Yen. So now we are waiting for the Book and I hope I can buy it too. It was difficult for foreigners to participate in the crowd funding and I couldn't accept the terms.

The other big news is that she will will play the main role in a drama in June. Stage Dream Princess. Also Naanya and ex SKE Meimei will participate.

But now for some pics. With Lu-chan.

Blog imageBlog imageWith food.

Blog imageBlog imageThen she's been on a streaming show called NamaTV. It's produced by a major publishing company KADOKAWA. Ex 48 girls are doing the MC. This was episode 1 and Akicha was the guest. Aipon ex Team8 was MC. Nothing special, they talked, played games and drank weird drinks. Here are som pics.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageToday it was hot so this was what Akicha was wearing.

Blog image

Abema TV and TiARY TVGeneral

Posted by Gotbild 2017-04-11 21:21:24

Akicha is still active and I've had a lot to do so I'm a bit late. Now Akicha has been on web TV twice. First on Abema TV on Thursday 6th. Unfortunately I don't know what the program was about but she was not there alone. Two pics and a link. The program is nearly 2 hours.

Edit: Just after I post this I recognized that Akicha have more than 60.000 followers on YouTube.

Blog imageBlog image

Then on Friday 7th she was on TiARY TV where she should stay for a while. Three pics and a link. This program was only half an hour long.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog image

Then I have three more pics she have uploaded on Twitter.

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageAnd at last two more pics after she had dyed her hair. The last pic together with Lu-chan is very good.

Blog imageBlog image